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IckFrid Books Boxed Layout

Voted as the #1 Theme of All Time

With over 40,000 users, We are very proud to say that we’ve got an ever improving product with an in-depth documentation page.

With amazing features, built-in Addons, and multiple layouts. This is our best theme yet!

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Feature Module in Action

Pre-Built Layouts

Multiple pre-built layouts that allows you use it on any page on your site.

Built-in Addons

Packed with built-in addons: Timeline, Progress bar Chart, and Contact form plugin

Header Styles

The theme is also built with various header styles. You have the option to make it transparent, hide, or place it on the left. 

What people are saying…

IckFrid Books Boxed Layout

Mark Peterson

Love this theme! It’s so easy to use..
IckFrid Books Boxed Layout

Stephanie Chapman

This is one of the most versatile theme i’ve ever used. So many layouts to choose from. I’m constantly updating my site to keep my content and design fresh.
IckFrid Books Boxed Layout

Sara Lee

Why code when Themify does all the work for you? I saved so much time allowing to take on more clients, and make more money. This is amazing, I love it!
IckFrid Books Boxed Layout

James Jamieson

This is a must have theme. As a developer, this theme has helped me finish so many projects!

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